Closing the Chocolate Bay and preparing it for the winter took a full week.
Especially Marco has to make sure that everything is ready so that our catamaran survives the winter without chunks and that was working from the light until it became dark again.

In the evening we went to eat in our favorite Greek restaurants, take advantage of that because we fly back to Belgium, to our house and our children, and our cutest grandchild, would he recognize us?
Of course we miss our friends and family, but even though our children are already big, 22, 24 and 25, they are still your children.

Now that we’re back in Belgium it takes some getting used to the Belgian mentality, the prices for a bite to eat, dee seg, zenne about it.
But as a friend always says, you’re over it 🙂
After some days of recovering and having done a spring/summer/refresher cleaning in our house we feel at home again.
And yes, we have to admit it, it’s cold and wet here and after all those wonderful sailing trips and warm temperatures it takes some getting used to.
Where is the sun????

Well, we’re here now until March so we’re not going to talk about it, we’ll just be sunbathing ourselves 🙂
Because no matter where you are: Carpe Diem!
There is no better life than a good one!
Quote from the daddy 🙂

Sweet Greetz from us,
Katey & Marco.

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