In the meantime my horse Monte” Carlo has received a lot of attention from me, and I from him. Luckily I now have someone who takes good care of him while I’m away because last year when I came back from Greece he was completely malnourished and he didn’t get his medication for his ‘cushing’ with the result that he couldn’t stand on his legs anymore after I had taken him away from my so-called girlfriend in a hurry, he couldn’t carry his own weight anymore because he had food in his stomach, he never experienced it before.

Luckily the Brasschaat fire brigade came to us a couple of times to help us put him right and after a lot of good care he is back to his old self.

Really a wonderful ride in the woods in the military domain, rain or no rain, all stress away from him and from me.
Usually it rains here, Amai doesn’t, but after rain sunshine comes up and we take the plane to Marbella, to get our wedding present from my beautiful sister and brother, who have a beautiful apartment there under the Spanish sun. Together with them a week of quality time, delicious tapas, lots of laughing and teasing and a lot of rest. Blessed enjoyed, gracias for the beautiful cado. Now that we are back in Brasschaat, the assignment is to stay positive and cozy, in the rain. Enjoying small things, trying to be the sun ourselves… Not an easy exercise, and yet it will succeed, with a big smile, not on our catamaran, not on a sailing holiday in Greece, but here and now!

Sweet greetz from us, Katey & Marco.

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