Summer has started and finally I was able to make some time to start our blog page. There is a lot to tell in this first blogpost so it counts more text than normal. A separate life, always a holiday? Always good weather? Always something to do? Always sweating? Follow our story and you will find out! My name is Katey and together with my husband Marco we started the Greek company “Sealux” 2 years ago.

We had taken over the company from our friends Tony & Anneke. They had set up the company completely, but because of their busy lives in Belgium they couldn’t go full time for Sealux. We jumped, literally, on this boat, unfortunately without our children because they have their lives here in Belgium. Eh voilà now we “live” in Greece from March to October on our catamaran and we sail/sail with guests along all the beauty that the Greek islands have to offer.

The season itself runs from April to November with the home base in Gouvia Marina in Corfu. In April we sailed in the Saronic Gulf, the islands under Athens. Together with our guests we visited the beautiful islands and REALLY everyone who was with us was a pleasure to have on board. And that’s what it’s all about, great people at a great location who have a wonderful time together. That makes it fun for us too 😉

But REALLY, San, Bob, Jill, Glenn, Paul, Elke, Jan, Nathalie, Marc, Dominique, thank you for the great time and to start the season with us. You all promised to come back, so here’s to this… More than welcome!

In addition, this week was also very special for Marco and me. Our kids have been, unfortunately not all but with the baby there was really quality-family-time. We will miss them again!

And that concludes our first blog post. Hopefully you enjoyed it!

Sweet greetz from Greece

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