After our very relaxed experience in the beautiful bay west of the Peloponessos we sail directly to Lefkas, where Daisy and Allessio are waiting for us, our Flemish-Italian friends and colleagues who live in Lefkas. What a beautiful weather we had on our way, even though it was thundering in the distance, but fortunately it stayed in the distance. After that we left together with our German friends and both our code zero turned off, so we could take pictures of each other.

Sailing through the night again and sleeping through the night again after lying in the sun for a whole day, reading another book on my e-reader, I can’t do without that thing for sure!

Once there our friends come to pick us up, the ladies to yoga, the men to the boat shop of course 🙂
One of the nice things about us, boat gypsies that we are, is eating together on board. Talking to the four of us and we still had a wedding present ;), very original gift! Luckily we bought fresh prawns from a local fisherman as a starter and Marcos made a nice chicken stew, tasted it. There’s no such thing as saying goodbye, no, tomorrow morning we’ll have another yoga, on board, zen is the keyword!

Sweet greetz from Greece, Katey & Marcos.

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