Enjoyed our 5-day End Of Seasontour, sailing with good winds. From the heel of Italy in one piece sailed to Corfu, 1 straight line, what a captain I have! 16 hours of sailing, with a fair amount of wind and some waves… see movie 😉 but in real life those waves always look much bigger 🙂 Southern Italy, highly recommended, but Greece remains the big winner for us, in all areas.

Corfu, Gouvia Marina, back in our home port, at home, what does that mean for you? For us, home here means our regular base, regular habits, famous people, our Greek friends, time to do jobs for Marco, for me ground under my feet, my scooter, wind in my hair, to my beach, to Kerkira, my town, our regular restaurants with our favo garcons… we’re still habitual creatures, and yet gipsy’s of the sea… We almost leave back to our other home, Brasschaat here we come. At home that means our kids and the smallest offcourse (I’m going to cuddle them up, friends and family, our big bathroom, grass, and of course my Monte Carlo (I’ll soon sit up there and I’ll soon smell back to horse instead of sea air ;)).

Do you know the saying “buy a boat and work yourself to death”? Well, we understand that 🙂 At least if you want to keep her (yes it’s a female our king would say) as good as new, we’re making her ready for the winter to leave her here in our home port, she doesn’t have to sail now ;). The Greeks already know Marco’s saying when they come on board to do something, yes yes, it has to look better than new;)). If you want to rent a luxury yacht with crew then you don’t want a boat dump, so nice and clean it is (you can hear our feedback anyway). So we still know what to do before we get on the plane, and our stomachs have to stay content as well so I try out some dishes for next season hey, mmmmm they say here, and still is mmmmm, think it’s good 😉

Sweet greetz from Greece,


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