What a word hey, FUN, funny… I love funny people, and we happened to have had a lot of them on board. So people who make a luxury trip with a catamaran are just great people;). They are repeaters, guests who are still allowed and want to come back. For me it’s important that I can stay myself, also tell a joke or do a joke. (I don’t have a keitoffe horn)

Highseason was fantastic at the Chocolate Bay, every week a different family who want to enjoy together on a catamaran, very cosy.

It was very tiring to “work” in that heat (especially cooking is sweating), and for those who don’t believe it, you should come and make a lunch for 10 people ;). The Marco said ne keer “allee badger here not so hot, that’s not so bad”, so I thought he should make the pasta, honestly better than mine (which has only fallen 2 times badly this year, haha, no more squid for this lady), so the captain’s pasta was very good but that was only 1 lunchke he (he jumped into the water anyway, cool down that trade haha).

But time flies, and it’s fun to work here in Greece, and the Ionian Islands are still the most beautiful for me, and also meet new people that we certainly in the winter will see again AND that as repeaters return next year.

Marco and I are now so well attuned to each other, thinking the same before it has to happen, while we have little time for each other this is a bit romantic, isn’t it? Our guests feel this vibe and it seems to feel very relaxing and safe but in the evening a little privacy for the two of us is also necessary, no matter how nice and sweet the guests are, honest is fair!

We’ve also had some experienced water sportsmen on board (where are those movies!?), with the necessary show, and ne perfect G.O. who will certainly have priority over a ticket for the big crossing next year 🙂

What also has stuck out my eyes are the beautiful bikinis and swimsuits, yes … I’ve already bought some more, I couldn’t stay behind anyway. Flo was won with at least 1 new beautiful one every day, 2 from the Bananamoon in Knokke, Chantal I’m coming off he 😉

Also September was great, especially now that we have a week off, haha, joke. All different couples, so sweet, and grateful! And I’m also grateful for the tips I got from Chef Jurgen Maene, he has a Gastro Pub together with his great madam in Ardennes, Gaspard, where we’re definitely going to eat from the winter!

I am also grateful for my husband, our Chocolate bay (with her Pralinneke) and Greece is and remains a great place to be.

And I will also be grateful when I have our family back with me 😉 but now….



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