End of our season 2019, end of our Greek adventure.

The last sweet greetings from Greece…

We loved the Greek people, we loved the beautiful nature, and the turquoise blue water, and, of the incredibly beautiful sunsets, we loved the Greek cuisine, and the blissful sunshine, and of our fantastic guests, we loved everything in Greece. Thank you very much for those 4 fantastic years of sailing our Chocolate Bay (and our pralinneke of course) in Greek waters. We left in Gouvia (Corfu) with some swings, even with 2 dinghi’s they escorted us out of the channel with the necessary honking, blissful moment, with a smile and a tear and a strong kind of connection between Marco and me, like OMG, we are really going to do this, that world trip!

But first on course for the Caribbean, on course for 2020!

Our first stop is Sicily, so we thought we had a perfect wind but the weather forecast isn’t right so too much wind and high waves (4m), I’m not really a favorite of such sailing weather, sailing is cool, I just took my first pill, ça va nu.

2 reefs in the headsail and 3 in the mainsail and still running 12 knots, a bit exciting, but the adventure has started.

Cooking was not possible (not even on a catamaran) so fortunately I had pizza, because you have to eat if you don’t want to get seasick.

At 21h I crawl into my bed to try and get some sleep in between that boil, at least until 7h in my bed, now Marco can rest until 11h and the rest of the day we are puffing, we can’t do much else.

The best moment is always when we see dolphins, we have a whole group swimming and jumping in front of our bow and next to the catamaran, a small species but they are with a lot, beautiful!

After many hours the wind and therefore the waves finally fade away and we eat a nice chicken stew and the rest of the day we enjoy the sun, the sailing and each other’s, blissful and relaxed.

What can you do to follow us if you miss us?

Buy a boat and join the Chocolate Bay 🙂 : rhyming and poetry are my … to light up 🙂

OF…like our FB page Sealux and Instagram Sealuxyachting. I’m going to blog and fly on our website Sealux.be from now on and the common thread in my stories will be the “feel good style” and “give me a smile style”. I will do my best to send you all positive vibes and it would be nice if you reacted to my blog so I know why I made you smile, and then I know you read it (I will reward my fans with peas and beans 😉

Good night and see you soon!

Loving Katey & Marco xxx

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