Chocolate Bay from Greece to Italy (Sicily Street or Messina Aeolian Islands)

Ciao bella, that’s how I wake up, Marco let me sleep all night so he can sleep for a couple of hours himself and then we finally arrive in Sicily. We anchor in the bay of Giardinna Naxos and visit the old town of Taormina, very busy after a few days at sea so we didn’t stay that long.

Sunbathing on a catamaran is the sky…

Once we arrived back at Chocolate Bay we enjoyed the sun, swimming in the clear blue water, how quickly you get used to rest, without the hustle and bustle of other people.

Before dinner we disembark with our little pralinneke (for those who don’t know him yet: it’s the little one of the Chocolate Bay, not so big!).

In Italy you have to eat good pasta so we go to a fancy restaurant on the beach with palm trees, a bit of Ibizastyle, love it. A delicious seafoodlinguini with a good glass of wine and good company, voila.

Pralinneke is waiting for us.

For our dinghi, our Pralinneke, we had to pay 5 euros deposit, yes other country other rules for sure, we will have to get used to that, but when you get there and they ask for another 5 euros (ne weird Italian) they don’t succeed with our zenne, the Marco has made himself a bit wide and he took a step back anyway, ciao, we won’t come back here anyway, like we are.


The sailing trip will be continued.

I was very tired (and I think lazy too) so we crawl right into our bed, I sleep really well, Marco has to get out at 5h, the sailing trip continues to The Street of Messina and the Aeolian Islands.

15 knots against the wind, so some bobbing again, alleluja sea sickness pills, and after a couple of hours of bumping and mocking it gets quieter and we arrive in the street of Messina, we shout if we can pass the canal and we immediately get a go! Yes!

It’s a blissful sunny day so enjoy it again, it’s busy in the canal so pay attention, we even see 4 serious warships passing by, should we be scared?

And you don’t have to swim here, there are so many swirls and currents, and that’s 1000m deep here, wtf?!

We sail to the Aeolian Islands, an archipelago of volcanic islands, we have seen the Stromboli erupt from the island of Panarea, chic shops there, cool bars and restaurants, a bit of bohemian chic. We eat good but very expensive and there is almost nothing on our plate so we get a bit of a smile, laughter is healthy and that’s how it feels, even on pill day because then I’m not the happiest because then I’m not allowed to drink hey;) But I really didn’t have a nice non-alcoholic cocktail, Plaice, yamaz, Salut!

Luxe reizen

It’s a long way to the Caribbean, but we’re getting a little closer, aren’t we?

Loving Katey & Marco.

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