The fashionable island of Panarea.

We are anchored in a beautiful bay on Panarea, and there are more catamarans than monohulls, and yet very quiet, Marco does not want to leave here yet but in the afternoon we leave for the largest island of the archipelago, Lipari.

Chocolate Bay is anchored right in front of the entrance of a small harbour, we don’t intend to stay, just leave the ship to visit the cozy town, but it was so nice that we get stuck there, ne nice limoncello spritzz (as I make it on board, almost so delicious) and some Italian antipasti and delicious Parma ham, that’s all it should be.

Marco had thrown the anchor of the dinghi without fastening the rope, hilarious with clothes and all and feel with his feet if he liked it, no, that’s something for tomorrow morning when it’s light, at least I’m lying flat from laughing (mss do those 2 cocktails have something to do with it?).

Sicilië et catamaran

Do we continue the sailing trip?

We found anchor in the morning and now we can leave for Palermo, so back to Sicily.

So we stayed in front of the harbour all night, yes, we leave early anyway, but actually nothing for us to do such a thing 🙂

All day on a motorbike but I always say, That’s my kind of sea, so flat the sea, like a lake.

Palermo and Sardinia.

After 12h arrived in the bay next to Palermo, a bit bumpy, not so easy to disembark with our Pralinneke so we eat a fish on board the bbq. We count again how long we have to sail to Sardinia, 40 hours, oh, better to leave because on Sunday they give a bit too much wind.

Sailing to Sardinia!

Loving Katey & Marco.

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